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PATIENT REVIEWS AND FEED BACKS ( Reproduced/Copied  from our Visitors Book)


04-08-2014  Maxim Palchevsky ( Russia)

Everything went very good, doctor and personal was very friendly and qualified

20-03-2013 Ansu Anne Aby

Excellent service!, Doctor very much dedicated 

22-08-2013 Tiziana Marchesi ( Milan- Italy)

L’accoclienru professional Top 

20-09-2013 Dr. Shahena ( Holland)

Good service, satisfied

27-12-2013 Mariyam Mizna ( Maldives)

Good care and services

21-07-2014. M.N. Gunavardhan IAS – State Information Commissioner of Kerala

Excellent service/behaviour of all staff & Doctor are very cordial and congenial to better recovery of the patient mentally & physically. All the best for the doctor & staff

15-11-2014 Capt: Dr.Pramod

Excellent facility, Surgeon with magical touch

12-02-2015 C.S. Radhamony

Excellent Treatment. Gem of a doctor.

13-08-2015 Prof.P.S. Nair

Surgery was done impeccably. Proper advice and Profound hospitality and care from the support staff. I am extremely pleased

11-01-2016 Lorna Tedstone (UK)

Happy with the outcome, so far. Thank you

15-01-2016 Majdah Al Soanah ( Saudi Arabia)

Very happy with work

14-03-2016 Elisa Ernst ( Canada)

Thanks a lot !

22-03-2016 Abdulla Mufeed ( Saudi Arabia)

Very good care & excellent treatment

02-04-2016 Ria Vogelpoel ( Holland)

excellent care & treatment !

09-04-2016 Ketaki Nair ( USA)

Awesome Doctor, great advice , would def: recommend

17-11-2014 S. Sreekumar (USA)

very satisfied

20-11-2014 Bernard Francis (UK)

Excellent stay &treatment!, God bless U

24-11-2014 Tatiana Belousova ( Poland)

That was great !!!. I am fully satisfied with the result !!!

24-11-2014 Tatiana Belousova ( Poland)

That was great !!!. I am fully satisfied with the result !!!

20-08-2014 Mohamed Ibrahim Hamdi ( Egypt)

The surgery was more than perfection in my opinion . Couldn’t have gone better .Delightful staff. – Peace, Love-

09-08-2014 Dr.T.T. Sivakumar

Excellent hospitality & hospital

03-10-2014 Soumya Johny

I am really thanking God that I met this doctor. I never thought that I could see this results so fast. I am thankful to each and every person belong to this hospital. I would recommend this hospital to my dear ones and friends

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