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Breast ptosis is the weighing of the breast gland causing a stretching of the surrounding skin and a global sagging of the breast. The breast lies in a too low position and is flattened in its upper part. Breast ptosis can be present from the start, or appear after weight loss or pregnancy with breast feeding. It can be isolated (pure ptosis) or associated to mammar hypertrophy. Conversely, there can be a ptosis with a small breast (hypoplasia or hypotrophic.The aim of this operation is to elevate the nipple and areola to a more youthful position, tighten the gland and remove excess skin, in order to obtain lifted and harmoniously shaped breast The operation shapes the breast by stretching the skin envelope and concentrating the glandular tissue. The gland is concentrated and put back in proper position, after removal of the skin excess, thus placing the nipple and areola back in a youthful position The skin incisions are sutured and cause scars. When the ptosis is very severe, the scars have an anchor shape, with a peri-areolar scar between the brown and white skin, a vertical scar from the areola down to the bottom fold of the breast (infra-mammary fold). The length of the horizontal scar is proportional to the severity of the sagging. When the ptosis is milder, an isolated vertical scar method can be used, thus avoiding the horizontal scar in the bottom fold and leaving only the peri-areolar and vertical scars. In some very mild breast ptosis, it is possible to use a concentric (or doughnut) mastopexy, which leaves only one scar around the areola. Finally, in case of a too small breast volume (mammar hypoplasia), breast implants can be added, to restore a satisfying breast volume. In this case, it is usually possible to remove the excess skin around the areola and reduce the scar only to a peri-areolar scar Mammoplasty may be performed from the end of adolescence, when growth has ended, throughout life. A further pregnancy or breast-feeding are possible, but we advise to wait for a minimum of 6 months after surgery.

In most cases, postoperative pain is moderate and usually relieved by ordinary pain medication. Swelling (edema), bruising and pain, when lifting arms upwards are common symptoms Your dressing will be removed after 2 days and replaced with a lighter one, resembling a custom made bra. You will leave the hospital 1 to 2 days after the operation and attend consultation 1 to 2 days later. You will then be wearing a surgical bra, which size will have been determined in the hospital, prior to your leaving. You should wear the surgical bra day and night for at least one month after surgery. Your stitches, if not dissolvable, will be removed 8 to 21 days after surgery. You should expect 8 to 15 days convalescence before returning to work. You are advised to wait for one to two months before practicing any sports.


Mastopexy, even if performed for aesthetic reasons, is a genuine surgical procedure, with the consequent risks related to all medical acts, no matter how mild they might appear.Post-operative care is usually simple after a Mastopexy. However, complications may occur: some are general, inherent to every surgical act, others are local and most commonly occur in very large breasts. There are surgical and anesthetic Infection can be treated with drainage and antibiotics.

  • Blood clots (haematomas) are quiet rare but can occur. They can be evacuated.
  • Localised skin or gland necrosis is rare with modern techniques. They can cause delayed healing.
  • Numbness of the nipples may be observed. It is usually transient and most patients recover normal nipple feeling after 6 to 18 months.

Most important to consider is the evolution of scars. These may sometimes become hypertrophic or  Keloid  scars in a totally unpredictable manner, thus compromising the final aesthetic outcome. Such pathological scars may require long and specific local treatments. In most cases however, this operation when correctly planned and executed, does offer very satisfying results in terms of comfort and well being, even if scars are inevitable and remain its major drawback.

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