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Creation of Cheek Dimples

Creating artificial dimples is a very popular procedure. Dimples will enhance the attractiveness of your smile. The basic mechanism of creating create artificial dimples on the face is simple. A dimple is actually a defect on the face caused by a dehiscence /under development of the cheek muscles. If the muscles are not well developed, then there will be a slight depression which makes the smile cute.

Anatomy of the dimple

Anatomically, dimples are thought to be caused by a double or bifid zygomaticus major muscle, whose fascial strands insert into the dermis and cause a dermal tethering effect

Positioning of the dimple

The position of the dimple at the point of intersection of the perpendicular line dropped from the external canthus(outer aspect of the eye) and horizontal line drawn from the highest point of the Cupid’s bow ( on the upper lip)laterally.

Surgical Technique

Use a punch biopsy instrument and an intraoral approach to create a dimple. A circular core composed of mucosa, submucosal fat and cheek muscles is removed, sparing the skin. This creates a shallow cylindrical shaped defect under the skin. A suture is then taken through the cheek muscle on one side of the defect, then through the dermal layer of the skin and finally through the cheek muscle on the other side of the defect. The knot is then tied, resulting in dimpling of the skin. The skin will, flatten out in 1-2 weeks, when the suture is absorbed. The internal scarring of tissues which takes place will connect the muscle to the skin, creating a dimple when the person smiles. This procedure is done under local anaesthetic, the surgery is quick and the person can resume the normal activities soon.

There will be some minimal swelling The post operative care usually involves regular mouth rinsing with antiseptic mouth washes and taking oral antibiotics and pain relief.

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