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Correction of Hypospadias

Hypospadias is a birth defect of penis seen in new born children. Instead of the urethra (opening through which urine comes out) opening at the tip of the penis, it may open at the middle or bottom of the underside of the penis.

Most of these children will also have curved or  bent penises too. Hypospadias occurs in up to 4 in 1,000 newborn boys. This problem may require at least 2 operations or more to be fully corrected. The goals of Surgical repair  of hypospadias are as follows:

  • To make the penis straight by repairing any bend or curvature
  • To create a urethra( tube that carries urine) with its opening at the tip of the penis (urethroplasty)
  • To re contour the glans into a more natural conical shape(glansplasty)
  • To achieve cosmetically perfect penile skin coverage
  • To create a very normal-appearing scrotum

The surgery is generally done in 2 stages. First stage when the child is around 4-12 months of age. In the first stage, the curvature of the penis is corrected and skin graft is put on the underside of the penis. The second stage is done after6-9 months to tubularize a urethra from the skin on the underside of the penis.

The goal of hypospadias surgery is to provide a functionally and cosmetically normal penis.

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