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Flexor Tendons- The muscles that bend or flex the wrist and fingers are called flexor muscles. These flexor muscles move the fingers with the help of cord-like extensions called tendons, which connect the muscles to bone. The flexor muscles arise at the elbow and forearm regions, and transform into tendons just past the middle of the forearm, and are attached to the bones of the fingers

Extensor tendons – arise as muscles that run from the forearm, across the back of your hand to your fingers and thumb, functioning to straighten your fingers and thumb

Hand tendon repair is carried out when one or more tendons in the hand are cut, leading to loss of normal hand movements and function. If extensor tendons are damaged/divided, you will be unable to straighten one or more fingers. If your flexor tendons are cut, you will be unable to bend one or more fingers. Tendon injury can cause pain and swelling of the hand.

Tendon repair involves making an incision in the hand to locate and identify the ends of the divided tendons, and then stitching the tendon ends together.

Extensor tendons are relatievliely superficial easy to reach, so repairing them is quite straightforward. Repairing flexor tendons is a more complex procedure because they can be difficult to find , as the cut ends retract deeper into the tendon sheaths and, in many cases they are located close to important nerves.

Flexor tendon repair usually needs to be carried out under Brachial Block/ General Anaesthesia in operating theatre by an experienced Plastic surgeon who specialises in hand surgery.

Both types of tendon repairs require a long period of recovery. Rehabilitation involves protecting your tendons using hand splints and physiotherapy.

Both acute injuries like accidental injuries and secondary deformities of tendons, nerves and soft tissues following long standing Hand injuries are dealt with.

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