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Deformities of nail caused by injuries and diseases can be treated successfully under local anesthesia


Minor injuries of fingernail and toenails are very common problems. At one time or another, most of us would have caught a nail on something, causing it to break, or has the nail suffered a bad hit , leaving a bruise /blood under the nail. These kinds of injuries are painful but are usually not considered serious.

Commonly seen problems of Nails are Splitting, breaking or brittle nails. These problems can occur when your hands are frequently exposed to water, strong detergents, or other chemicals. In growing nails – are often caused by improper trimming, tight shoes, or repeated trauma .The nails may grow into the surrounding skin fold, causing pain, swelling, and infection. In rare cases, collection of pus may develop under a nail called subungual abscess.

TRAUMA/ INJURIES:- Injuries to the nail are often associated with damage to other structures too. These include fractures of the bone injuries of the nail bed, fingertip skin, tendons that straighten or bend the fingertips, and nerves. Most crush injuries occur after getting the fingertip caught in a door .After obtaining an accurate history of the cause of the injury,. X-rays are taken to look for associated fractures that will require treatment. Restoring the normal anatomic form of the nail and surrounding structures is the aim of treatment. Simple blood clots/ hematomas are drained by making a pin hole in the nail in order to relieve the pressure and to provide pain relief.  Finger tip cuts are repaired under loupe magnification.

Repairing the nail bed to which the fragments of bone are adherent itself will reduce the fractures of the fingertip. Broken fragments of bone may need to be pinned or will need splints to help heal the fracture.

Injuries of the nail, however minor they are will need proper reconstruction to avoid very noticeable finger deformities.

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