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Follicular Transplants

Hair loss is seen in about 60% of men and in 10% of women

Hair transplantation is the surgical procedure used to treat various grades and degrees of baldness in both men and women. The Norwood Classification System of Baldness, grades the sequence of the hair loss process in men. Early in the process (types 1-3), the hairline recedes, led by front and side recessions. In the latter stages (types 4-7), progression of hair loss at the vertex (crown) gradually meets and joins the progressive hairline recession, resulting in varying sizes of the confluent  baldness of vertex with front & side regions. In Follicular Grafting- Intact hair follicles are harvested from a safe donor area of patient’s scalp by either follicular unit strip grafts or follicular unit extraction (FUE). Follicular Unit Transplants have increasing popularity, because of the superior results.. The follicular units can be obtained by either the strip technique or individual extraction (follicular unit extraction). Follicular unit extraction is preferred for younger men and those who wish to shave their head, because it avoids making a visible donor site scar.

Individual hair follicles or small, comprised of 2-4 follicles may be extracted either manually or with the help of motorized rotating punch device for follicular unit extraction .The punched-out follicles are then taken out with forceps.

Follicular unit extraction technique has the advantage of not creating a very visible scar.

Patients may experience postoperative pain and discomfort along the donor wounds.  This is minimal and may lasts only overnight. If the pain persists, then stronger pain killers are given.



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