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When you have problems of getting and maintaining a proper erection, you suffer from “Erectile Dysfunction(ED). ED is not a “new problem in society”, with around 50% men in India having the condition. This problem is usually associated with advancing age, psychological problems ,chronic diseases like Diabetes, ill health etc. The patient will need a thorough medical examination, blood tests and hormone assays. Some hormone deficiency induced ED can be treated by medications alone, however for refractive, long term Erectile Dysfunction patients- Penile Implants offer the best desired results. There are 2 types of penile implants available now- The Inflatable Penile Implants and the Semi rigid implants. In the inflatable penile implant surgeries, cylinders are placed inside the penis are used to replace the spongy tissue inside the penis that fills with blood during a normal erection. These implants are available in a variety of diameters and lengths and cost anything from Rs8- Rs10 Lakhs.

The semi-rigid or non-inflatable implant is commonly used in India. It costs around Rs.1.5 lakhs, The surgical charges will cost extra. Such implants are firm. They can be bent into different positions.

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